Selma & Ghislain

Selma, Head Chef at Eiffel Restaurant, and Ghislain, your host, started their journey in France.

With three children, Ghislain, working in the event management industry, and Selma, working as interior designer and architect, longed to have a restaurant of their own. However, both their families thought their dreams were just that: dreams!

But it never went away. And so, one day, Selma thought enough was enough and decided to become a professional chef in her thirties. While some said it would be a struggle, Selma was a natural and began an apprenticeship under Michelin-star chef Michel Reutenauer. After only a year in Michel’s kitchen, she became Sous-Chef in a newly opened fine dining restaurant in the North of France.

She and Ghislain still longed for their own restaurant. So, they looked for the perfect place to start afresh. They wanted a sunny place (for Selma), with an English way of life (for Ghislain) that would provide their children with various career opportunities and would help make their dreams come true. And that place was Brisbane, Australia.

After 2 years working as Sous-chef in a busy French restaurant of Southbank, and giving birth to their fourth child, Selma joined the restaurant Ghislain had opened the year before in Fortitude Valley.

After a while, they felt they could do better. They decided to change the location of their restaurant and make sure that the new one was  everything they had dreamt it would be. So they looked for a new suburb, a place where families and friends would gather to share and revel in each other’s company.

And that’s when they found it, in Auchenflower: a quaint Queenslander-turned-restaurant 40 years ago and built in the 1920s, with rustic wooden floors. It felt like home. So, Selma and Ghislain took over the existing French restaurant located there and renamed it Eiffel Restaurant, as a continuity of their story.


111 Haig Rd, Auchenflower

07 3870 3030

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